lm358 IC (amplifier circuit) datasheet, characteristics, pins, working principle, application fields and alternative models

lm358 IC (amplifier circuit) datasheet, characteristics, pins, working principle, application fields and alternative models
Post Date:2023-08-14,Texas Instruments

lm358 IC (amplifier circuit) datasheet, characteristics, pins, working principle, application fields and alternative models

The LM358 IC is a very popular dual operational amplifier (Op-Amp). This model usually has different abbreviations such as lm386 ic, lm386 circuit, lm386 amplifier, lm386 amplifier circuit, etc.

The following is some basic information about it:
Manufacturer: Several companies make the LM358 op amp. It was originally designed by National Semiconductor, which was later acquired by Texas Instruments (TI).

But Texas Instruments isn't the only company making such chips. Others such as Fairchild, STMicroelectronics, ON Semiconductor, etc. also have their own versions.

  lm358 practical working principle video


lm386/lm386n datasheet:
• Wide Supply Voltage Range from 3V to 36V (B, BA Versions)
• Quiescent current: 300 μA/channel (B, BA versions)
• Unity gain bandwidth of 1.2 MHz (B, BA versions)
• Common-mode input voltage range includes ground, enabling direct sensing near ground
• 2 mV maximum input offset voltage at 25°C (BA version)
• 3 mV maximum input offset voltage at 25°C (A, B versions)
• Internal RF and EMI filters (B, BA versions)
• For products conforming to MIL-PRF-38535, all parameters are tested unless otherwise noted. For all other products, the production process does not necessarily include testing of all parameters.


LM358BLM358BALM2904B、LM2904BA、LM358、LM358A、LM2904、LM2904V、LM258、LM258A              SOIC (8)   4.90mm × 3.90mm

LM358B、LM358BA、LM2904B、LM2904BA、LM358、LM358A、LM2904、LM2490V                                             TSSOP (8) 3.00mm × 4.40mm

 LM358B、LM358BA、LM2904B、LM2904BA、LM358、LM358A、LM2904、LM2904V、LM258、LM258A              VSSOP (8)3.00mm × 3.00mm

LM358B、LM358BA、LM2904B、LM2904BA                                                                                                                SOT-23 (8)2.90mm × 1.60mm

LM358、LM2904                                                                                                                                                            SO (8)5.20mm × 5.30mm

LM358、LM2904、LM358A、LM258、LM258A                                                                                                            PDIP   (8)9.81mm × 6.35mm

LM158, LM258, LM358 Schematic diagram



LM158, LM258, LM358 Package pin connections








LM158, LM258, LM358 Electrical characteristic curves


Application of lm386 circuit:
•Commercial network and server power supply units
• Multifunction printer
• Power supply and mobile charger
• Motor control: AC induction, brushed DC, brushless DC, high voltage, low voltage, permanent magnet and stepper motors
• Desktop computers and motherboards
• Indoor and outdoor air conditioning
• Washer, dryer and refrigerator
• AC inverters, string inverters, central inverters and frequency converters
• Electronic Point of Sale Systems 3 Description The LM358B and LM2904B devices are next-generation versions of the industry-standard operational amplifiers LM358 and LM2904, which include two high-voltage (36V) operational amplifiers.
These devices provide excellent value for cost-sensitive applications with features including low offset (300µV, typical), common-mode input range to ground, and high differential input voltage capability


The main application fields of lm386 audio amplifier:
The LM386 is a popular low voltage audio power amplifier integrated circuit. Due to its compactness, low power consumption and relatively low cost, it is widely used in many electronic projects and products. The following are the main application areas of the LM386 audio amplifier:

Portable audio equipment: such as small radios, MP3 player amplifiers, etc.
Toys: Many toys that require sound use these amplifiers.
Tools and test equipment: such as audio signal generators or specific measurement tools.
Radio: The audio amplification section in radio receivers sometimes uses the LM386.
DIY Projects: Many hobbyists and makers love to use it for simple stereo or amplifier projects.
Interactive Art Projects: Some interactive installations that require sound output may also use this amplifier.
Academic Teaching: Due to its simplicity and low cost, the LM386 is often used in academic and educational settings to help students understand the fundamentals of audio amplification.
Doorbell and Alarm Systems: Some systems requiring audio output may also choose to use the LM386.
Communication equipment: such as the audio output part of a simple walkie-talkie.

lm386 amplifier application fields:
Sensor Amplification and Signal Processing
power monitoring
Audio amplification and audio processing
Operational amplifier applications such as integrators, differential amplifiers, etc.
battery monitoring
analog filter
Anywhere a low-power, dual-supply op amp is required
Alternative models: Since the LM358 is a classic and widely used chip, there are many alternative models with similar features or performance, including but not limited to:

LM258 ,  LM2904 ,  TLC27L2, MCP602 ,  LM358AD, LM358ADE4 ,  LM358ADG4, LM358ADGKR , LM358ADGKRG4 ,  LM358ADR , LM358ADRE4 , LM358M,

LM358N , LM358P , LM358ST, The above models are sold in  jinftry  official, and the price advantage is obvious, welcome to consult
Of course, the most important decision when choosing an alternate model is based on your specific application needs and circuit specifications. Different models may vary in input/output range, supply voltage, input bias current, noise, and other parameters. Therefore, it is recommended to read the data sheet in detail and compare its performance indicators when selecting a model.




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