NPN Silicon Transistor S8050 - Datasheet, Application Specifications, Pinout and Equivalent Replacements

NPN Silicon Transistor S8050 - Datasheet, Application Specifications, Pinout and Equivalent Replacements
Post Date:2023-09-13,Fairchild Semiconductor

NPN Silicon Transistor S8050 - Datasheet, Application Specifications, Pinout and Equivalent Replacements

S8050 is an NPN bipolar transistor. So when the base pin is connected to ground, the collector and emitter will remain open (reverse biased) and when a signal is supplied to the base pin, the collector and emitter will be closed (forward biased). It is commonly used in amplification and switching applications and is the perfect transistor to perform small and versatile tasks in electronic circuits. The electrical characteristics of the S8050 make it a very popular choice in many electronic circuits, especially in low and medium power circuits. The maximum gain value is 400; this value generally determines the amplification capability of the transistor S8050. If you are designing or repairing a circuit and need to check its specific parameters or application recommendations, we recommend that you refer to the S8050 data sheet.


Difference Between Transistors 8050S and S8050


The following are some basic features and descriptive specifications of the S8050:

S8050 feature description:

Type: NPN bipolar transistor.
Package: Common packages include TO-92, SOT-23, etc.
Vcbo (Collector-Base Voltage): Typically 40V.
Vceo (Collector-Emitter Voltage): Typically 25V.
Vebo (Emitter-Base Voltage): Typically 6V.
Ic (collector current): 1.5A max.
Pc (Total Power Dissipated): Typical 625mW for TO-92 package.
HFE (DC current amplification factor): Its value is usually between 60 and 400, and the specific value will vary according to the production batch and manufacturer's specifications.
Transfer Characteristics: The S8050 is designed for high current gain and low saturation voltage, so it performs well in applications requiring high current drive.
Application: Due to its small signal amplification characteristics, S8050 is usually used in audio amplifiers, various switching circuits, drive circuits, signal processing, etc.

S8050 electrical characteristics:

Collector-emitter disconnect voltage (Vceo): usually 25V, indicating the maximum voltage that can be tolerated between the collector and emitter in the switching state.
Collector current (Ic): Maximum value is between 0.5A-1.5A, the specific value may vary slightly depending on the manufacturer and specific version.
DC current gain (hFE): Generally in the range of 85-400, this value represents the relationship between base current and collector current.
Collector-Base Voltage (Vcbo): This is the maximum voltage that can be tolerated between the collector and the base with the base open circuit, usually greater than Vceo.
Emitter-Base Voltage (Vebo): The maximum voltage that can be tolerated between the base and emitter.

S8050 manufacturer:

S8050 transistors are produced and supplied by several semiconductor manufacturers. Some of the well-known manufacturers include: Fairchild Semiconductor (now part of ON Semiconductor), Jiangsu Changjiang Electronics, SANYO, etc. However, since the S8050 is a universal device, many other manufacturers may produce similar products. It is recommended to obtain product data sheets directly from the manufacturer or distributor to ensure the most accurate and up-to-date information.

S8050 replacement/equivalent device
In the electronic device market, a variety of transistors are available as alternatives to the S8050, and the specific selection should be based on application requirements and required electrical parameters. For example, the S8550 is a corresponding PNP type transistor, but its polarity is reversed.
Some NPN transistors have the same functionality as the S8050 transistor:

2N7051, 2SC3726, 2SC4145, 2SD1146, BTN8050A3, 2N3904, 2N3906 , S9014 , MPSA42, SS8050, BC547, 2N2369, 2N3055S8050-B-AP ,S8050-C-AP ,S8050-C-BP ,S8050-D-AP ,S8050-D-BP ,S8050-D-BP

S8050 Equivalent
2N5830, S9013

S8050 VS 2N2222

2N2222 is a low power NPN transistor. Currently, the expansion is up to 250MHZ; the magnification is 100-300; the withstand voltage is 40v; the current is 0.6a, and the power is 0.625w.

For S8050 NPN, the maximum acquisition current is 0.7A, the power consumption is 625 mW; the maximum acquisition coating electrode voltage is 25V, and the characteristic frequency is 150MH

Datasheet PDF

S8050 datasheet



S8050 frequently asked questions:


What type of transistor is the S8050?

The S8050 transistor is a general-purpose transistor that is perfect for performing small and general tasks in electronic circuits and is suitable for applications such as small and medium power amplifier circuits, switching circuits, etc.

What is the basic working principle of S8050?

Structure: The S8050 transistor has three main areas: emitter (E), base (B) and collector (C).

Operating Mode: When we refer to how a transistor operates, we are usually referring to its behavior in active mode or saturation mode.

Active mode: In this mode, a forward bias is formed between the base and the emitter, and a reverse bias is formed between the base and the collector. This allows a small current from base to emitter (base current, Ib) to control a larger current from collector to emitter (collector current, Ic).

Saturation mode: When the voltage at the base is high enough, a forward bias will also be formed between the base and the collector. In this case, the transistor is fully open and allows maximum current to flow.

Cut-off mode: When the base is unbiased or biased very low, the transistor is off and almost no current flows.

Current Gain (β or hFE): Current gain is the ratio between collector current and base current. The current gain of the S8050 is typically in the range of 100-300, which means that a small current through the base can control a larger current through the collector.

How to apply S8050?

  Since the S8050 is a low-power NPN transistor, it is often used in signal amplification and switching small load applications.

How much does the S8050 cost?

S8050 unit price is US$0.04-0.08. This is a relatively cheap transistor. Of course prices always change and change over time, markets and regions.





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